An easy and inexpensive way to add a contemporary twist on a perfectly sleek ponytail. One of my personal peeves is when I have my bobble showing if my hair is tied up or back so I normally wrap a piece of my pony tail around to conceal the hair band. How could I walk past these in Primark? I couldn’t because I am a sucker for metal hardware looking type things. These bobble clips come in packs of two – one silver and one gold. Admittedly I don’t use the gold one because I am more of a silver person but the pack of two cost around £1 or £1.50 so who cares, the gold is at the back of one of my drawers for the days I need a change. The only thing that I personally found with these is that they aren’t that big and sometimes I have had to fight to clip it around my bobble. They also come with a really thick bobble attached but I just simply cut mine off because no way it would of gone round my hair then. Unnecessary add ons, not cool.

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