Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t interned for Vogue, I haven’t interned for a grand Parisian fashion house and I definitely don’t claim to have the best experience within the industry. I have however done my fair share of internships and thought that I would share a few major tips to become a successful intern!


It is a sad truth but 99% of fashion internships will want you to work for free. Some may pay travel expenses, some will pay for your lunch, some may pay for both and some may pay for nothing. If you are about to intern or thinking of interning then start to save! Many placements offer part time hours to allow time to work to keep your self afloat, but for the ones that don’t then the experience should be a reward in itself. It will help a great deal to put some money away and money you will find is a rare commodity when you are interning. Of course there are paid placements out there so don’t let the money issue put you off!


It is inevitable. You will be asked to do the most laborious & mundane tasks, you will have to go get coffee, its no cliche! Of course nobody wants to do these things but you are an intern, you have to impress and do everything with your upmost enthusiasm. I won’t lie, your hard work will go unnoticed by most people, but there are a few people that you will meet along the way that will recognise you for your help and hard work and may eventually pay you back by offering you to get involved with more exciting tasks and ultimately – offer you a full time paid job!


Don’t be afraid to share your ideas. At most times you will feel like it isn’t your place to even speak, let alone offer your thoughts towards a a current project. As an intern you are still a part of the team and team members share ideas with each other. You don’t think that skirt goes with those shoes when your on a shoot? Then offer an alternative pair. You have come across an upcoming blogger that would be great to collaborate with? Tell your supervisor. You are a part of the team just as much as everybody else in the office and not shying away from getting stuck in and offering up your ideas is a sure way to get yourself noticed. Just don’t get too carried away – nobody likes a know-it-all!


A point that isn’t inclusive of the fashion industry. Anywhere you go you will meet people that aren’t your cup of tea, no matter how fabulous you are. It is just life and yeah, so what. Brush it off and own it. The best revenge is becoming super successful and you never know, they could be working for you one day!


One of the best things about interning is the great people that you will meet along the way! The most rewarding part of interning anywhere is the contacts that you will make. In this industry it is so important to build relationships and make contacts with industry professionals. When you move on you know that you have “friends” that you can call on for collaborations, projects and even further work experience. You never know, Susan from the pictures desk has a flatmate who knows Victoria an editorial assistant for ELLE where a job has opened up… It could be the making of you.

Hopefully these quick tips may be useful in some way if you are thinking of interning! Let me know if you enjoyed this kind of post, I would love to hear your opinions or maybe you know an extra tip or two to help me out! Please follow me on bloglovin to keep up to date with upcoming posts!