So I haven’t posted anything for a while, on here, instagram and even twitter has been a bit thin for me recently – which is utterly out of character. I kept telling myself “omg no you have to put a picture on insta” and “you have to tweet AT LEAST once today, even just a retweet!” and I felt so guilty for letting my social media go so dry but the question is why? Why did it cause me so much distress? Like seriously it is ridiculous. In the past couple of weeks I have been on a girls trip away to visit one of my best friends while she was living in Spain, I found the most perfect flat which I’m set to get the keys for this month and also done a lot of shopping, of course.

It would be an understatement to say that going out and not taking a picture of my breakfast -nutella pancakes to be exact- or getting the perfect shot of my mai tai while having drinks after work on a Friday was bliss. I was even having too much fun in Spain to take holiday outfit photos for my blog. Not that I am not serious about this blogging stuff but just because I literally had no time, I was too bothered about being lay on the beach with 3 of my favourite people to even think about dragging them across Alicante to find the “perfect white wall” for the best outfit shots. Not to mention that I was burnt to a crisp and no amount of concealer could cover my beaming face & the internet does not need to see that.

Moral of the story: If you feel like taking a step back then do it! No need to feel guilty for watching the world through your eyes and not a lens.






So, as you can tell I have made the switch over to WordPress and I am really happy about it! One of the main reasons I have done so is because I really wasn’t happy with the photography on my blog. I put a lot of thought and time into the creative direction of every single image I produce and to see them on blogger pixelated and not reaching the full optimisation as my camera produces or that I see on my screen while editing was really annoying to say the least! This was mainly due to having to resize the image from around 3000 px down to 800 px to fit perfectly on my blog and anyone who has a clue what I am talking about will understand the struggle. Anyway, WordPress does this for me automatically without loosing as much resolution etc etc. Another reason was the actual layout of my blog and how it was presented, yes I was happy with my blog layout over on blogger but I much prefer this layout as it feels much more professional and -bloggery- lol. Long story short I have ocd am a perfectionist and really want to deliver to those who stumble on my little corner of the internet the best imagery, creativity, ideas that I have to offer.

/images taken by me.